Luxury Edition, Playing Cards
Luxury Edition, Playing Cards
$ 11.00

Luxury Edition, Playing Cards

Originally inspired by the roadside signs that guide travelers and plane spotters to their destination airports, Jetsetter Playing Cards has taken that same inspiration and produced the Luxury Edition to embrace the true elegance of air travel and jet-setting. The classic design is essential for any aviation, travel, or playing card enthusiast.

The playing cards showcase re-colored standard faces with a classic and casino inspired back design. They're traditionally cut utilizing Legends' famous 'Diamond Cut' process, a closely guarded secret that distinguishes these playing cards from other brands. The tuck box has clear UV spot varnish accents on the text and defines the airplane icon on the front, creating a classy and elegant feel one the matte white tuck box.


  • Tuck Box: White Uncoated Matte Tuck Paper, Clear UV Spot Varnish, Green Pantone Ink, Interior Printing, Interior Matte Lamination 
  • Stock: Diamond Finish 
  • Coating: Standard LPCC Coating 
  • Cut: Diamond Cut Edges, Traditionally Cut 
  • Production Run: 1,200 
  • Production Date: June 2015 
  • Sold Out Date: December 2015 
  • Produced By: Jetsetter Playing Cards 
  • Manufactured By: Legends Playing Card Co. Ltd. 
  • Factory Location: Taiwan 

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