Jetsetter Playing Cards has expanded its offering beyond playing cards and associated products to include consultancy services for playing card creators, designers, and companies. Our consulting services focus on four key areas: strategy, printer selection, project management, and fulfillment.

We provide superior value through industry knowledge and expertise, our pragmatic approach and methodology, commitment to quality and a collaborative working style.

After the design process, we break playing card projects down into four types or phases:

Individuals often come to us looking for insight, without knowing exactly what they need. We’ll help you work through the planning of your project, putting your customer and business goals and vision into a plan that you can understand and implement.

A selection engagement is a formal evaluation and selection of products and partnering vendors that suit your needs. We follow a proven methodology that we’ve used successfully, taking you from defining your product requirements all the way through vendor evaluation and selection.

Once you’ve defined your strategy and selected a printer (vendor), we help you run your project utilizing our experience in the management and execution of playing card projects.

The fulfillment and shipping of your playing cards is one of the most intimidating aspects of a project. We'll help you decide if you should self-fulfill your project or partner with a fulfillment center.

Our opinions and insights are often solicited by playing card creators, designers, and companies and we're more than willing to provide them to you as well. To learn more, you can inquire about our consultancy services by emailing and we'll schedule a introductory session.

Last update: 12/02/16