Jetsetter Playing Cards has expanded its offering beyond high-class products and decks of playing cards to include consultancy services for playing card designers and producers. We provide superior value through industry knowledge and expertise, our pragmatic approach and methodology, commitment to quality and a collaborative working style. Our consulting services focus on the following four key phases.


Individuals often come to us looking for insight on successfully producing a deck of playing cards. Typically, they approach us without a strategy. We’ll help develop a strategy specific to your overall goals and vision that you can understand and execute on.

Vendor Selection

Once a strategy is developed, selecting the ideal vendor that meets your unique and distinguishing requirements is critical. We follow a proven methodology that results in successfully selecting the best possible printer for your specific needs.

Project Support

After recommending a vendor, we will help you run your project or provide recommendations utilizing our experience in the management and execution of producing a deck of playing cards.


The fulfillment and shipping of your playing cards is one of the most intimidating aspects of a project. We'll help you decide if you should self-fulfill your project or partner with a fulfillment center. Unfortunately, we do not provide fulfillment services.

Our opinions, insights, and recommendations are often solicited by entrepreneurs, designers, and playing card producers. Now, we're we are ready to provide you with the same opinions, insights, and recommendations. To learn more, you can email us about our consultancy services using the form below and we'll schedule a free 30 minute introductory session. In addition, we can set up a general high-level 60 minute discussion that covers all four phases for only $100 USD.

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