Our Story

Jetsetter Playing Cards™ drew its original inspiration from the roadside signs that guide travelers and plane spotters to airports around the globe. Our initial creation, the Luxury Edition deck, embraced a classic and understated design that captivated aficionados of travel, aviation, and playing cards alike.

Due to the increased popularity of our first deck, Jetsetter Playing Cards transitioned to become a notable luxury brand among the travel, aviation, and playing card communities. To embrace the true elegance of air travel and jet-setting, we introduced the Premier Edition series in 2016 and the Lounge Edition series in 2020. With aviation inspired colorways within both series, the decks have become a staple of our brand. You will find our playing cards ready for gameplay on numerous high profile private jets and in the agile hands of many respected card players, illusionists, magicians, and cardists.

Jetsetter Playing Cards was founded by Paul Ruccio, who comes from a diverse background with years in the aviation and retail industries. Playing cards has become a passion for him, not a job. He’s immersed himself in the playing card community to bring a desirable and luxurious brand to the masses and has garnered recognition by successfully launching multiple decks of Jetsetter Playing Cards on Kickstarter, the world’s largest funding platform. He’s raised over $140,000 USD across eight successful projects with the help of over 2,300 backers from around the globe. He's worked alongside Lawrence Sullivan of Legends Playing Card Company and William Kalush of Expert Playing Card Company.

As of today, we have produced over 39,000 decks of playing cards and shipped to over 40 countries around the globe. Due to increased global demand, we have begun embarking upon the direction of further growth and brand recognition by establishing ourselves as a premier source for the finest decks of playing cards available worldwide along with providing consulting services to other playing card creators, designers, and companies.

Jetsetter Playing Cards was founded in 2015 and is based in Westfield, MA.