Carat Card Cases

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Case Size X1

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With the increasing popularity of collecting decks of playing cards, collectors are seeking an affordable and luxurious way to proudly and securely display their most prized decks. Carat Card Cases will keep your decks completely visible, dust-free, and away from curious hands. While the case keeps your decks securely enclosed, it will open and close with the utmost ease.

The second generation of Carat Card Cases has been improved with beautifully executed beveled edges giving the them a truly high-class appearance and impression. Carat Card Cases are now available in eight different sizes:

  • X1 - displays one deck
  • X2 - displays two decks
  • X3 - displays three decks
  • X3x2 - displays six decks
  • X4 - displays four decks
  • X4x2 - displays eight decks
  • X5 - displays five decks
  • X6 - displays six decks - half brick style

Due to the weight and fragile nature, all quantities of Carat Card Cases are typically shipped via Priority Mail within Flat Rate envelopes or boxes to ensure safe delivery. Contact us to inquire about quantity discounts.

Decks of playing cards not included. It's our policy to always state the actual cost of items shipped on International customs forms.