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With the increasing popularity of mystery decks and mystery boxes, customers can now purchase unclaimed, abandoned, or returned Jetsetter Playing Cards packages - our unique take on a mystery box. You will receive the package as it was packed for the original backer or customer.

There's two ways a package becomes unclaimed. 1) We packaged a reward for a backer from one of our Kickstarter projects and did not receive the funds and/or shipping details from the backer to fulfill the reward. 2) We shipped a package to a customer or backer and the the package was returned to our headquarters due to the package being undeliverable to its destination.

There are instances where particular items and/or products may be moved to unclaimed status and become available as an Unclaimed Package. These specific packages could be items that were not claimed (pledged for) during our Kickstarter projects and/or were never allocated for our website inventory.

Content varies by each unclaimed package. Price varies by each unclaimed package and is determined by the original price paid or expected price to be paid. Shipping cost varies by each unclaimed package based on weight and/or package type.

There is no personally identifiable information of the original backer or customer within the package and/or attached to the outside of the package.

Please note, all sales are final for this item. No returns or refunds are allowed for this item.