Daniel Madison Gives Jetsetter Playing Cards High Marks

Posted by Paul Ruccio on

Deception and sleight-of-hand artist, Daniel Madison has released the third installment of his deck review series. He kicked off his latest episode with an unboxing of our Premier Edition in Jet Black (Private Reserve) deck. Although the episode was meant to be a "mystery" review, he selected our package based on the return address reading "Jetsetter Playing Cards" on the label. We were thrilled to see that we were Daniel Madison's next review.

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VIDEO: The MADISON Deck Review - Episode THREE!

When Daniel Madison published his review of our deck, we began receiving an onslaught of social media notifications including a tag on Instagram by the man himself. But unfortunately, we were at a location with horrendous data service and zero access to wifi–making it impossible to see what all the excitement was about. The suspense was getting the best of us. Eventually, hours later, we finally watched the review.

It was a pleasure watching Daniel Madison provide insightful commentary and putting our deck to use with a series of skillful and majestic flourishes and sleight-of-hand techniques. Be sure to watch the review and see what Daniel Madison had to say about our Premier Edition in Jet Black (Private Reserve) deck.

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